Walking from Castlerock

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If the weather is dry walking in to Downhill is the nicest way to arrive! From the Castlerock train station turn left onto Sea Road then immediately left again onto Main Street. You may want to use the little shop here before you proceed. Continue all the way up Main Street keeping the sea on your right. The street will climb a hill over the train line, become a very small lane passing a row of black stone houses on the left, and end at the back gate to the ‘Black Glen’. Enter through the gate and follow the Black Glen path and continue through the tunnel of hedge rows (like Alice in Wonderland). You will pass a small lake on your right after the tunnel and the path will veer left eventually opening up at the Bishops Gate Gardens. Exit the gardens and turn right on the main road. Follow the road down the hill to the sea, the Hostel is by the beach entrance on your left. Walk distance = 2.5 km, time 35-45 minuntes.

But, if you have too much luggage…

Taxi Services:

Local Taxi service from Castlerock: Tony’s taxis (T) 079 7626 8076 (£3.50) Tony also picks up from Coleraine. Tony looks a bit scary, but he’s lovely, don’t worry! or William Thompson Taxi (T) 077 6633 5370
A taxi from Castlerock to Downhill is £3.50 as of September 2011 . Remember to bring groceries with you, there is a shop in Castlerock but not in Downhill!

Here’s a video of the walk in the snow

‘A Snowy Walk in Downhill!’

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