We want this page to give a feeling of the beauty of the North Coast throughout the year.  It is a new project we started in December 2015, made up of photos taken on walks and out the windows of the Beachhouse mostly with just our mobile phones.  The idea is that of a rolling […]


Its been a beautiful spring-like day here in Downhill, and we are more than ready to see it! We reopened at the beginning of the month after significant painting work in the house during January. The Downhill beach was full of life all day as people took advantage of the weather to reacquaint themselves with […]


Sunsets from Downhill / Castlerock Northern Ireland 2013 The sun has come back into view at sunset peeking around the cliffs of Binevenagh, time to put up some new season sunset photographs! As always we love to showcase your photography of Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast so if you want to submit a photo we are […]


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Mussenden Temple

by admin on May 9, 2012

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Commissioned by Earl Bishop Frederick Hervey in 1783, the Mussenden Temple remains one of the most iconic structures in Northern Ireland. The ‘Temple’ was built as a library for the Bishop and named in honour of his cousin Mrs Freidswide (Bruce) Mussenden who was a close friend. Mrs Mussenden died very young in 1785 the […]


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Downhill Beach Video

by admin on January 16, 2012

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Something pretty to remind us all that spring is coming! We’re going to start a new page on the blog with guests beach images, if you have any favourites we’d love to see them! In the meantime enjoy this short… the music is from a locally recorded album made by traditional musicians all from the […]


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Winter Greetings from Downhill!

by admin on December 18, 2011

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We will re-open in mid January after some maintenance work over the holidays. So if you fancy a mini break give us a ring, we will be happy to hear from you! (028) 7084 9077. And just for fun, and cause it still makes me smile, here’s a little video shot last year, don’t worry, […]


Photography via Stendalfestival.com Main Stage 1100-1130 Chase Atlantis 1150-1220 We Are Burkes Lounge 1240-1310 Tommy Shots 1340-1430 Limavady Big Band 1440-1450 Irish Dancing (Heraghty Schooll of Irish Dancing) 1510-1600 Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland (String Section) 1615-1700 Intermission 1715-1800 Swanee River 1820-1910 The Gorgeous Colours 1930-2030 Key of Atlas 2045-2140 Rainy Boy Sleep 2200-2315 Turin […]

Downhill House Animated Reconstruction

by admin on January 10, 2011

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We found this lovely little piece of work on youtube, it seems to have been commissioned by the National Trust and was done by a freelance animator from Coleraine. The Downhill Estate or ‘Downhill Demense’ including the Mussenden Temple sits atop the cliff neighboring the Downhill Hostel.  The land for the Hostel building originally named […]